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E.g., 2024-7-15

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Successfully and carefree letting out your property

Receive extra income from your holiday home all year without effort. All required activities and promotions are looked after by us from start to finish.

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We constantly seek to develop, upgrade and enhance the functionality and accessibility of the information on our properties for sale all over the internet. We plan to evolve into a comprehensive property portal conveying our message in 9 different full language versions, each with its own national tone and identity.

Through a partnership with Espana Casas it does not feel like the rental of your property is a second job. We maximize your income. Our professional team will present your property in the best possible way and informs you active, without you actually having to do anything

We can list your holiday accommodation on our own and on our partner’s international websites. We will take care of the promotional activities of your holiday home and the entire reservation procedure, the booking, the payment and everything else regarding the reservation and administration.

You are also able to rent out your accommodation and have it managed through your personal website, advertisements and your own settled accommodation manager. On top of that you can use our network and experience, in order to make the best possible profit.

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Your accommodation will be placed on España Casas website 
España Casas will make the photo / 360°reportage of your holiday home in Spain. We also work out the text for the website. One of the reasons for this is that we would like to become familiar with your accommodation before letting it to our clients in order to be able to provide our clients with proper information. We will place the description and the photos on the website, including price and location.  

Your accommodation will be promoted 
Our website is the perfect sales channel for your holiday accommodation. On top of that, we will place your accommodation on local websites of colleagues and international, frequently visited external rental websites.

Our experience teaches us that this way of promotion leads to a huge response. Through various actions we create email lists with potential clients for direct marketing. This way we are able to address your exact target group with special offers. The selected target groups will be kept up-to-date through email.  

Your accommodation is booked by a renter 
All questions and requests of potential renters are responded to in a direct and professional way. We will discuss things with you if necessary. Possible bookings will be registered and reported to you.  

España Casas invoices the client 
We will keep you informed about the bookings and will take care of the entire invoice procedure. You will have received the rental price before the guests have even arrived.  

España Casas will keep in contact with the guests 
We will keep in touch with the renter and will make sure all the needed travel documents, such as a route description, will be sent to the renter. The key managers will welcome the renters at a meeting point and guide them to the accommodation.  

The key managers will show them around in your house, explains everything about the various appliances and provides them with information about the area. In case of problems we are happy to be at their service in the best possible way. We will inform you immediately if necessary.  

Departure of the guests 
After the client has left, the key managers will check your accommodation for possible damage and missing items. If your accommodation was turned over in a good condition, we will refund the deposit to the client within 8 days.   

You are an accommodation owner who is interested in more information! 
To us, quality and a personal approach are the key words. Are you the owner of an accommodation that fits within our profile, and are you interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

We will get back to you as soon as possible in order to discuss how your accommodation can be best promoted and which possible benefits are there for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get my property on your website?

You can easily contact us by filling out your request in our contact form please mention the location and/or urbanisation where your property is located in the message field. Of course you can also give us a call for more information or making an appointment with one of our employees. They will meet you at your property, of course without any obligations.

I have my property already listed on your website with photo's. How do I get a 360 tour?

We recently started to offer 360 tours to our clients. Please contact us to make an appointment.